Ducky Disc Golf Scorecards
100% Disc Golf
Designed and optimized specifically for disc golf, Ducky Disc Golf Scorecards features throw level recording and disc inventory.
Record Keeping
More than just a scorecard app, record keeping features track details of your play & practice sessions to improve your play.
Disc Inventory
Inventory your bag and use the disc notes to enter in your real world experience with each one and to help remember their idiosyncrasies.
Frequent Updates
With a new update coming out almost every week you will find lots to love about Ducky Disc Golf Scorecards now, and in the future. Follow DDG on Twitter and see what's coming next.
Independently Developed

I work on Ducky Disc Golf Scorecards on nights and weekends. Your encouraging feedback inspires me to continue making improvements. I am not a professional developer, but I am learning quickly. I wish to be able to do this full-time and your support helps make that possible. If you enjoy this app, please help me spread the word by telling others and leaving a review on the Apple App Store.

Happy Disc Golfing,
-d- Dustin Kirk
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